When performing a self refelction about a presentation, it is useful to consider the highlights, as well as the areas you want to improve, work on or develop.

Your self reflection should in effect be a strategy, and action plan. You should be able to perform further reflections, and these inturn should consider whether or not you previous ideas, plans, actions have been effective, and thus where fine turning and/or adaptation is required.

An ction plan should have concrete steps integrated into it. Thus, a statement like: "I shall use a presenter in my next presentation" in response to a comment regarding a lack of movement, or being fixed to one spot, does not constitute an action plan. Why not?

Thus I would recomment that when you have finished writing your self-reflection, you wrapup with a summary of the issues in which you clearly identify your areas of action, and from here develop your action plan.


The comment was made that during the prentation I was very static, and this was true. The reason for this was because I was dependant on my PowerPoint notes for my presentation, and also I didn't have a presenter. I have therefore developed the following action plan which I hope will overcome this issue.

  1. I shall obtain a presenter which should help in that I should not need to constantly change the slide on the Laptop
  2. I shall make a series of small key cards with key words on such that I do not need to read from my PC
  3. I shall preactice the presentation at home, and try moving in a more relaxed way around my room
  4. I shall then practice my presentation in front of some colleagues, and ask them to record it so that I can check that I look more natural

Ok, so the above points should be capable of checking that they work. If any one of them doesn't work, you can go back and work on it. Also please note they are not the only solutions, you should be able to formulate other ideas. But each and every area that you need to work on should have its own action plan.

Self Reflection for (name)

Here I would type my self reflection.

Here I place a video of my presentation

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