General aspects

Study the itinerary from Chur to Andermatt on an electronic map (e.g. google earth) and describe it in terms of duration, elevation profile, and sections of the trip.

How would you rate the railway infrastructure in terms of comfort, modernity, maintenance, speed?

Natural and built environment

Photograph with your smartphone two examples each of natural and built Environment along the railway line. Upload them on your SWITCHportfolio. Comment your decision.


Picture 1


Picture 2


Picture 3


Picture 4


Text 1: Read and answer

Read Gantenbein, Pascal (2016): Traffic Infrastructure in Switzerland, which you will find on Moodle: Are we ready for the future? Hg. v. RICS (RICS Impulse), which you find on moodle,  and answer the following questions:

  1. Which different types of infrastructure are mentioned and discussed?
  2. What means «provision of infrastructure is mostly inelastic”?
  3. How has infrastructure been financed in the past and what’s the problem with respect to the future? How can these problems be solved?


Text 2: Read and answer

Read the article Spina, Romina (2015), which you will find on moodle: Holy Year brings crowds of pilgrims to Italy. Hg. v. NZZ Online, which you find on moodle, and answer the follosing questions:

  1. What is causing the discussion?
  2. What types of infrastucture are mentioned and why are they relevant?
  3. What is critizised?
  4. What is meant by saying: «Now only maintenance work can be made according to Rutelli.»?
  5. Which is besides infrastucture one of the most challenging aspects of big events?


Text 3: Read

Read the following chapters of the "The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2019, which you find on moodle:

vii       Executive Summary
ix-xii   About the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2019
xiii     T&T Competitiveness Index 2019 Overall Rankings

Compare the regional profiles of "Europe and Eurasia" (p. 38 ff.) and "Sub-Saharan Africa" (50 ff.) and note your learnings.

Comparison of profiles

Atmospheric Design

What image do you as a guest expect from a holiday resort in the mountains? Decide for one picture (1-4) and explain your decision in two sentences.

Walensee Resort, Unterterzen (St. Gall, Switzerland)

Walensee Resort.jpg

Bosco Gurin (Tessin, Switzerland)


Andermatt (Uri, Switzerland)


Crans Montana (Wallis, Switzerland)

Crans Montana.jpg




Watch pictures and films about Andermatt on the internet. What is your expectation of Andermatt? Express your appreciation of the following criteria with a rating from 0 (does not apply at all) to 5 (is absolutely true)


A) Andermatt is a sympathetic destination

B) Andermatt is cultivated

C) Andermatt is romantic

D) Andermatt is a quiet destination

E) Andermatt rustique

F) Andermatt is authentic

G) Andermatt is conventional

H) Andermatt is expensive

I) Andermatt is cosmopolitan

K) Andermatt is arrogant












Architecture: Overall theme

Does a tourist destination need one overall "theme" in order to feel the atmosphere of the destination?


Architecture: Authenticity

Do you believe the theme should be an authentic one? Must the theme have roots and origins in Andermatt? Or can it be implanted?


Architecture: Perception

What role can architecture (the way buildings look like) play in this perception of the guests?


Architecture: Outside and inside

Do you believe the outside of a building/hotel (facades) and the inside of a building/hotel (interior design) should express the same atmosphere or could both be different (for example outside traditional, inside modern)? Argue why


Architecture: Fit between buildings and site

Do you believe a building should express the values of the existing site? (the cultural heritage, the shape of building like a chalet, traditional forms and materials applied to buildings and public spaces etc.)


Architecture and pupulation

Do you believe the local inhabitants and/or the tourists influence the atmosphere of a place? Do you believe the destination Andermatt needs local inhabitants at all? If yes, where? (on the street, in restaurants, in the hotel-bar?)