Peer-Feedback - Template


This page is created as a template for you to use for providing your peer-feedback.

NOTE. The page is copiable which means that the person for whom it is being written can copy it to their own portfolio, which they should do.

Peer-Feedback for (name) [pdf]

Name of Student

Peer-Feedback for (name) [text]

On this page I shall give my peer-feedback for (name).


Please note, peer-feedback should be purposeful. it should not be a text stating only that your colleague performed the most amazing presentation on the planet, and therefore was so perfect that you can think of nothing at all to comment on.


Peer feedback should correctly mention the highlights, and also the areas where improvement can be made. But don't simply state that your colleague should move around more, that is not particularly helpful. You need to give constructive advice on how you think your colleague can improve. So: "Your presentation was good, but you seemed to be stuck to one spot behind your computer, and therefore you need to walk around more." is not a good statement. Why not?


A statement such as: "Your presentation was good, but you seemed to be stuck behind your computer which gave an impression of your not wanting to engage with your audience. Therefore I think you should take the following action to improve your presentation for next time." Then, you need to list some ideas which you think would help your colleague improve on their performance.


Please note also, peer-feedback is not an abstract report written about a person, it is a personal document.


Basil Keller
30 October 2017, 10:30 PM

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